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About us

Company Name: Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.

Establishment date: 18 October 1994

General Manager: Kashi Ota

Capital: 1.45 billion yen

Investor: Panasonic Electrical Appliance Industry (Zhuzhou) Association

Panasonic Electrical Appliances (China) Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Northeast Battery Co., Ltd.

Coverage: 62,500 square meters

With the trend of miniaturization, high performance and energy saving in the whole electronic industry, battery products shoulder the responsibility of continuous innovation in this field to a considerable extent. Panasonic Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (PSBS) is the first small and medium-sized VRLA battery production base of Panasonic Group. PSBS uses the production technology and equipment of Panasonic Company of Japan, together with advanced detection system, to produce valve-regulated lead-acid batteries with international advanced level. The products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the world and won a wide reputation.

The company operates in accordance with Panasonic's business philosophy, meets customers'wishes to the greatest extent, and is committed to making unremitting efforts for regional development and social prosperity.

Advanced production

All the company's important production equipment imported from Panasonic, Japan, Mechatronics products, production equipment quality is reliable, stable performance, and commissioning and installation by the Japanese construction team, effectively ensuring the uniformity and stability of product quality.

The company has the world's advanced lead strip production line and the only positive and negative plate wire drawing production equipment in China.

Perfect Quality Assurance

The company attaches great importance to the quality of products and actively guarantees the quality of products by various effective means. In March 1998, the company obtained the certification of ISO9002 International Quality Management System. All process standards are fully adopted by Panasonic Standard of Japan. Through QC and other activities to improve the quality awareness of employees and product quality, we actively promote quality-related training, train department managers and important positions, and enter the industry after passing the examination.

The company has world-class battery testing equipment, which effectively guarantees the quality of products and prevents the miscarriage of undesirable products. All the important processes have 100% testing equipment with world-advanced battery laboratories, all computer networking testing, raw materials and products analysis using ICP high-grade analytical instruments.

Strict management

The company adheres to the Panasonic Group's business philosophy of "talent before creation", attaches great importance to the technical force reserve and personnel training.

The company has more than 60 employees with various senior, intermediate and junior titles.

Through OJT, total quality management activities, proposals, challenges and other forms of training, the company effectively improves personal ability and promotes the good development of the company.