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What should we pay attention to during the installation of Panasonic battery?

The installation of Panasonic batteries directly affects the later use, so do you know what matters need attention in the installation process of Panasonic batteries? Here is a detailed introduction for you:
Before installing and using Panasonic batteries, you should first read the product technical manual and installation schematic diagram carefully and install them as required. During installation, special attention should be paid to the following points:
1. Installation plan should be designed according to location, area and surrounding environment, such as: ground load, ventilation environment, sunshine, machine room layout, and easy maintenance. For batteries placed outdoors, special attention should be paid to objective factors such as waterproof, sunscreen and dust-proof. 2. Different types of batteries or batteries of different capacities must not be mixed when installed.
3. Check the appearance of Panasonic battery before installation. Check whether there is leakage, whether the shell cover is damaged, whether the open circuit voltage is normal. When handling batteries, care should be taken not to bump into them, and good protection should be done.
4. Batteries are 100% charged and must be carefully operated to avoid short circuit. Insulation tools and gloves should be used to prevent electric shock.
5. Before installation and use, the battery is stored in the environment of - 20-40 C for 3 months (from the date of delivery). If it exceeds 3 months, it will be charged for 24 hours with constant voltage and current limit of 2.35V/monomer (20 C) and 0.1C10A.
5. Connect the battery wiring between columns, layers and panel terminals according to the installation schematic. Before installing positive and negative terminal connectors and conducting the whole power supply system, the positive and negative polarities should be carefully checked and the system voltage should be measured. At the same time, the battery parameters of the equipment should be set. After the connection is completed, attention should be paid to the terminal and the protective sleeve connecting the copper bars to prevent short circuit.
6. When loosening the connection of batteries, the screw must be tightened, but it is also necessary to prevent excessive tightening force from damaging the copper insert or the lead-out terminal of the pole post. 7. At the end of installation, the system voltage and the direction of positive and negative poles of batteries should be checked again to ensure the correct installation of batteries.
8. After installation, clean dry and soft cloth can be used to clean the battery shell, cover, panel and connection line, and organic solvent can not be used to clean, so as not to corrode the battery shell and cover and other components. At the same time, clean up the surrounding environment of battery installation, pay attention to ventilation, dust and waterproof.
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