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How does Panasonic battery ensure its quality?

Panasonic battery plays a very important role in our life. Do you know how to ensure the quality of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
Panasonic battery product quality assurance commitment:
1. Technical consultation before sale: it can help users design and provide technical consultation free of charge.
2. Delivery date and place: guarantee to deliver goods to the place designated by the user on time.
3. Product warranty period: the warranty period is one to three years. During the warranty period, we will replace the products that fail due to technical problems and quality problems such as raw materials, design and manufacturing process free of charge, and provide replacement services for free on major problems that the buyer can't handle, so as to solve various problems and product repair problems in time.
4. Initial inspection, trial operation and final inspection of products: actively cooperate with the initial inspection of the buyer's equipment, and test the performance of the products according to the user's requirements to ensure the normal operation of the equipment
5. Installation supervision: be responsible for the installation, commissioning and technical guidance of the equipment according to the requirements of the demander.
6. Our company will definitely adopt the valuable opinions of every user.




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