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Three notes for Panasonic battery

Three notes for Panasonic battery:
The actual usable capacity of all Panasonic batteries is closely related to the discharge current, working environment temperature, storage time and load characteristics. If the UPS power supply is not used correctly, the actual usable capacity of the battery will be far less than the rated nominal capacity. For this reason, the user should pay attention to the following points when using the battery:
1. Excessive discharge of the battery and long-term open circuit idleness of the battery will lead to a large amount of lead sulfate inside the battery, which will be adsorbed on the cathode of the battery, forming the so-called cathode "sulfation". As a result, the internal resistance of the battery will increase, and the chargeability and discharge performance of the battery will be affected. At present, the service life of M-type sealed lead-acid battery is about 3-5 years.
2. For most UPS power supplies, when the battery is discharged each time, the internal charging circuit can be used for floating charging. In order to ensure that the battery is put into the saturated state of charge again, the general charging time is 10-12 hours. If the charging time is not enough, the battery will be in the state of insufficient charging, so that the actual available capacity of the battery is far lower than the nominal capacity. When the mains voltage is lower than 200V, some ups power supplies can't use the internal charging circuit to charge the battery saturation.
3. In order to ensure that Panasonic battery has good charging and discharging characteristics, the UPS power supply that has not been used for a long time (UPS power supply has been shut down for more than 10 days) should not be loaded before it is restarted for use. Let the UPS power supply use the charging circuit in the machine to float charge the battery for 10-12 hours before it is used. For users who use the backup UPS power supply, if the UPS power supply works in the backup state for a long time, it is recommended to keep the UPS power supply in the inverter state for at least 2-3 minutes every other month, so as to activate the battery.




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