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What are Panasonic's long-life tips?

Everyone is familiar with Panasonic battery, so do you know the Panasonic battery's long-life tips? Here's a detailed introduction:
Charge in time
After the battery is discharged, connect the mains power to make up for the charging time of the battery pack, which shall not be less than 10h. Here, the user should be reminded that the best environment temperature for charging Panasonic battery is 25 ℃. In the winter environment, when there is no temperature regulator such as precision air conditioner in the machine room to ensure the cold, it is necessary to properly improve the charging voltage and extend the charging time, and take measures to keep the temperature and prevent the cold, so as to ensure sufficient electricity and extend the service life of Panasonic battery.
Frequent maintenance
Every month, it is required to check the status of each battery pack at a fixed time to remove dust and dust, pay attention to check whether each battery shell is in good condition, confirm whether there is bulge on site, eliminate abnormal battery with shell heating, pay attention to whether the battery voltage is uniform and common, and whether the battery terminal is loose. If abnormal single battery is found, it is necessary to replace the aging battery in time or Ask Panasonic battery manufacturer's technical personnel to provide necessary technical support and assistance, so as to extend the practical life and maximum useful capacity of the host and battery.
When the Panasonic battery has been put into operation for three years or more, special attention shall be paid to regular maintenance. The statistics of total battery voltage, charging current, open circuit voltage of single battery, internal resistance of battery, battery terminal screw, battery detection line and other components shall be carried out comprehensively. If necessary, check discharge test shall be carried out for the battery to facilitate the field personnel to understand the battery practice more accurately Useful capacity to provide data support for battery follow-up.




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