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What are the types of Panasonic batteries?

Panasonic batteries are widely used in various industries in our life, so do you know what types of Panasonic batteries are? It is not clear to listen to Xiaobian's introduction to friends.
There are several types of Panasonic batteries
According to the structure of battery's plate, there are formative, pasted and tubular batteries'> batteries.
According to the battery cover and structure, there are open type, exhaust type, acid-proof flameproof type and sealed valve-controlled battery.
According to the battery maintenance mode, there are ordinary, less maintenance and maintenance-free batteries.
According to the relevant standards of our country, the main battery series products are:
Start-up battery (Q): mainly used for starting and lighting of automobiles, tractors, diesel engines, ships, etc.
Fixed acid-proof storage battery (GF): Mainly used for communication, power plant, computer system as backup power supply for protection and automatic control.
Traction battery (D): mainly used for power supply of various battery trucks, forklifts, forklifts, etc.
Railway passenger car batteries (T): Mainly used for railway passenger car lighting and electrical equipment.
Storage battery for diesel locomotive (N): Mainly used for starting and lighting of diesel locomotive.
Motorcycle Battery (M): Mainly used for starting and lighting motorcycles of various specifications.
Aircraft accumulator (HK): Mainly used for aircraft start-up, lighting and communication.
Submarine storage battery (JC): Power, lighting and electrical equipment for submarine underwater navigation.
Tank batteries (TK) are used for tank startup, electrical equipment and lighting.
Battery for Mine Lamp (K): Mine lamp lighting for miner's safety helmet in underground mine.
Battery for navigation mark (B): Night navigation mark illumination for navigation channel.
Other Batteries: Different sizes and capacities, various discharge rates, such as cameras, flash lights, wind power storage, etc.




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