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How to deal with the failure of Panasonic battery?

  Panasonic batteries may fail due to various reasons in the use process, so do you know how to deal with the failure of Panasonic batteries?

  Panasonic battery is the most widely used storage battery nowadays. It has a wide range of applications. It can be seen in the computer room, new energy vehicles, etc. and many other places. But I believe that when many friends use Panasonic battery, there will be faults because of some factors, which is inevitable. What should we do when we encounter a fault? Today, I'm going to introduce some ways to deal with it. I hope I can help you.

  First, what should be done when Panasonic batteries are vulcanized? What's more, it's very simple and effective. It's very suitable for non-professionals, and the equipment used is very few. It's OK to use the electric wire to discharge the Panasonic battery to 0V, and then charge it up with a charger. This method can repair the softening and unbalance of the battery, and it's very important to improve the capacity. For batteries in normal use, once every three months can achieve good maintenance effect, but also prolong the life of Panasonic batteries.

  The second is that the vulcanization of Panasonic batteries can be solved by charging. We can charge 36 V batteries with 48 V chargers and 48 V batteries with 60 V chargers, and so on. But we must do a good job of cooling and limiting current and controlling the temperature of Panasonic batteries. Put it in water to cool down. Of course, it can also lift off the battery cover of the Panasonic battery and remove the rubber plug to heat well. Current limiting can be solved by series resistance wires. The curing problem of current can be repaired after a current surge of about five to ten hours.

  Above all, Xiaobian introduced to you about the treatment of Panasonic battery vulcanization in the process of use. Xiaobian told you that it must be clear that there are faults to be investigated and analyzed, clear methods, Panasonic battery vulcanization problems can be repaired, water loss can also be repaired, so we must identify good faults, find appropriate methods, can repair loose. Battery failure.




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