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How to use Panasonic battery correctly?

Panasonic battery has a very important application in our life. Do you know how to use Panasonic battery correctly? Here is a detailed introduction:
01 use the same kind of battery
When the battery needs to be replaced, please use the same kind of battery to replace at the same time. Using different kinds of batteries (for example, mixing batteries of different brands, types and years) will not only shorten the service life, but also lead to leakage and fracture.
02 avoid violence
Handle the battery carefully to avoid damaging the label paper on the battery surface. Do not expose to high temperature. Do not disassemble, modify or weld the battery. Do not immerse in liquid, otherwise it may cause short circuit, battery rupture and injury.
03 avoid wrong loading direction
If the battery is not installed correctly, it may cause fierce reaction, which will cause gas generation and increase the internal pressure of the tank body. The result can be overheating, fluid leakage, rupture, and injury.
04 do not short circuit the battery
If the battery is short circuited, the current overload will be generated instantaneously, which will lead to the possibility of overheating and rupture. Do not allow batteries to come into contact with metal materials, such as car keys, phones or jewelry.
What to do if there is leakage
If the battery leaks into the eyes due to misoperation, please wash it with clear water and see a doctor immediately. If the electrolyte comes into contact with the skin or clothes, please rinse thoroughly with water.
06 do not charge disposable batteries
Charging a battery is very dangerous and can cause injury. Only NiMH batteries may be recharged on approved equipment. If a NiMH battery is not charged with a charger designed for it, it may overheat, rupture and leak.
07 charging before the charging battery runs out
For long-term use, please charge before the Ni MH battery runs out. Once fully charged, remove the battery as soon as possible. Please remove the charger from the socket after charging.
08 replace all batteries at the same time
Mixing batteries with equipment can cause fluid leakage. When using rechargeable batteries, we recommend charging the batteries at the same time.
09 shut down the device after use
If the device is not used for a long time, please remove the battery
Carry a set of spare batteries
Ideal storage conditions
Ideal storage conditions: 10 ℃ - 25 ℃ (50 ℉ - 77 ℉)




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