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How can the life of Panasonic battery be prolonged

Panasonic battery products are currently one of the best industrial batteries. In China, Panasonic batteries have occupied the first place in the domestic market of similar products in recent years, which is attributed to the excellent quality of Panasonic batteries. Panasonic batteries are mainly used in communication, power generation, power distribution, remote control and transportation engineering, security power supply, etc. In order to make full use of Panasonic batteries which can still be used, the phenomenon of series use of old and new batteries often occurs.

Little wonder, this practice will shorten the life of the new Panasonic battery. New batteries have more chemical reactants, higher terminal voltage and smaller internal resistance, while old batteries have lower terminal voltage and larger internal resistance. Generally, the internal resistance of 12V new batteries is 0.015~0.018_, while that of old batteries is more than 0.085_. If the old and new batteries are used in series, the charging voltage at both ends of the old batteries will be higher than that at both ends of the new batteries under the charging condition, resulting in that the new batteries are not fully charged.

The old batteries are already too high; in the discharge state, the capacity of new batteries is larger than that of old batteries, resulting in excessive discharge of old batteries, and even the reverse pole of old batteries.

When using Panasonic batteries, we must not use old and new batteries in series. Although Panasonic batteries will increase the power in the short term, long-term use will cause irreparable damage to new batteries. We must pay attention to this when using Panasonic batteries. Maintenance of Panasonic batteries is very important. It is necessary to charge the batteries one month in March and one month in February, which can activate the active substances in Panasonic batteries. When choosing batteries, we must choose batteries with smaller internal resistance.

In the process of using Panasonic batteries, many users only pay attention to how to use them, but neglect the maintenance of batteries. As everyone knows, periodic inspection and refill are two key links to maximize the life of Panasonic batteries.

Regular inspection

Check the terminal voltage and internal resistance of each cell battery regularly. For 12V cell batteries, if the difference of terminal voltage between cells is more than 0.4V or the internal resistance of cells is more than 80m, balanced charging should be carried out to restore the internal resistance of Panasonic battery and eliminate the unbalance of terminal voltage between cells. The charging voltage should be 13.5-13.8V when charging equally. The internal resistance of most batteries can be restored to less than 30 m after well balanced charging.

During the operation of UPS power supply, the above unbalance caused by the change of the characteristics of Panasonic batteries with time can not be eliminated by relying on the charging circuit inside the UPS power supply. Therefore, the unbalance of the batteries with obvious unbalance has occurred. If the off-line charging treatment is not taken in time, the unbalance will become more and more serious.

Re float

UPS power supply is down for more than 10 days. Before restarting, UPS power supply should be started without load to recharge storage batteries for more than 10-12 hours by using the charging circuit in the machine.

UPS power supply is in the state of floating charge for a long time without discharging process, which is equivalent to being in the state of "storage and standby". If the state lasts too long, the battery will be invalidated and discarded because of "too long storage", which is mainly manifested by the increase of internal resistance of Panasonic batteries, which can reach several_in severe cases.

We found that the available capacity of Panasonic battery is about 97% of its rated value after storage for one month at room temperature of 20 C. If it is not used for six months, its usable capacity will become 80% of its rated capacity. If the storage temperature rises, its usable capacity will also decrease.

Therefore, it is suggested that the user should deliberately unplug the power input every 20 C month so that the UPS power supply can work in the state that the battery provides energy to the inverter. But this kind of operation should not take too long. When the load is about 30% of the rated output, it can discharge for about 10 minutes.




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