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How to test the resistance of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery plays a very important role in our life, so do you know how to conduct resistance test of Panasonic battery? Let's listen to the introduction of Xiaobian for friends who are not clear yet!
1. Panasonic battery usually has grid corrosion failure mode
2. Panasonic battery erosion, dry chip active material degradation and electrolyte sector
3. The abnormal failure mode of Panasonic battery is a deterioration of conductive path and too dry electrolyte
4. Panasonic battery problem, battery short circuit, open circuit, drying and poor conductive path
5. The impedance and conductivity data of Panasonic battery should be measured regularly, which is helpful to understand the development trend of battery failure and the change of battery resistance of each unit.
The Panasonic battery must be tested in time. When necessary, the capacity of the battery can be tested to ensure the reliability of the battery. In the process of storage and transportation of Panasonic battery, it should be noted that if the temperature is too high or the air is ventilated, the self discharge of Panasonic battery will increase easily. Therefore, the self discharge of Panasonic battery is correct, but it must be kept away from fire, heat source, etc.
To ensure the life cycle of Panasonic battery, the battery should be recharged regularly to ensure the service life of Panasonic battery. When storing Panasonic battery, the battery should be stored in a dry place, as well as its charger.




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