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What are the requirements for the location of Panasonic batteries when they are installed?

When it comes to Panasonic batteries, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Do you know the requirements for the location of Panasonic batteries when they are installed? Let Xiaobian introduce them to you in detail below.
Installation Position Requirements for Panasonic Batteries
1. Panasonic batteries should be away from heat sources and spark-prone areas, and the safe distance should be greater than 0.5 meters.
2. Panasonic batteries should avoid direct sunlight. They should not be placed in closed containers. They should not be placed in environments with radioactive, infrared, ultraviolet radiation, organic solvent gases and corrosive gases.
3. Panasonic Battery Room should have regular lighting and accident lighting, and its lighting devices should be arranged above the walkway.
4. The ground of Panasonic battery room should have enough bearing capacity. When Panasonic battery is laid on the floor, it should provide important load requirements for civil engineering design. It is better to place the batteries in a separate battery room. There should be enough space around the battery pack to ventilate and maintain the batteries.
II. Notes for Battery Installation
1. Because the Panasonic battery system is wet charged, it must be handled carefully during transportation and installation to prevent short circuit.
2. Because of the high voltage of battery components and the danger of electric shock, when loading and unloading conductive wiring, insulating wrapping tools should be used; when installing or transporting batteries, insulating gloves, aprons and protective glasses should be worn; in the process of handling batteries, collision impact should be avoided, and end columns and safety exhaust valves should not be twisted. It is strictly forbidden to put tools, sundries or other conductive materials on batteries.
3. Dirty terminals or improper connections may cause battery fire. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the connection of terminals clean and tighten special connection cables (or copper bars) so that the torques can reach the specified values of different connection terminals. No other stresses necessary for non-tightening of terminals shall be produced during operation.
4. The connection between batteries, between batteries and between batteries and power supply equipment should be reasonable and convenient, and the voltage drop should be as small as possible. Batteries of different specifications, batches and manufacturers can not be mixed. Before installing the terminal connector and connecting the battery system, it is necessary to carefully check whether the total voltage, positive and negative polarity connection of the battery system are correct and whether the connection between the batteries is firm.
5. Battery short connection or grounding should be avoided during battery installation. When connecting the battery pack to charger or load, the conductive connection of one terminal in the battery pack should be disconnected. The charger or load circuit switch should be in the "disconnected" position to prevent short circuit and ensure correct connection. The positive pole of the battery is connected to the positive pole of the charger, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole.
6. Panasonic battery shell can not be cleaned by organic solvent, and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher can not be used to extinguish battery fire. Special dry powder fire extinguisher should be equipped.




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