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What are the reasons why Panasonic battery doesn't charge?

Panasonic battery in the use process will encounter the situation of not charging, so do you know the reason why Panasonic battery is not charging? Not clear friends to listen to the introduction of Xiaobian!
1. The connector in the charging circuit is loose or rusted, which will increase the resistance and reduce the current intensity, so that the Panasonic battery cannot be charged.
2. The electrode plate of Panasonic battery was vulcanized, so that a layer of white aluminum sulfate grains with poor conductivity was attached to the surface of Panasonic battery. When this kind of coarse grains block the pores of the electrode plate, it will lead to the electrolyte difficult to penetrate, so that the internal resistance increases and the current cannot pass through.
3. Because of charging or discharging Panasonic battery with high current, the electrolyte proportion is too large or the liquid level is not high enough, the plate of Panasonic battery will be damaged. In diagnosis, first check whether the wire ends are loose or rusted, and then judge whether the plate is vulcanized according to the phenomenon during charging. If the temperature of electrolyte rises rapidly during charging, or the charging time is not long, a large number of bubbles will be generated in the electrolyte. If the voltage is not increased and the specific gravity of electrolyte is not significantly increased, it means that the electrode plate has been vulcanized.
If the sulphurization is not serious, all the electrolyte can be poured out, distilled water can be injected, and then a small current of about two amperes can be used to charge for a long time, so as to dissolve the aluminum sulfate. However, it should be noted that the temperature of Panasonic battery should not be increased. When the specific gravity of electrolyte does not increase in a few hours, the battery is fully charged and discharged.
The above is the reason why Panasonic battery doesn't charge, which Xiaobian introduced to you. I hope that friends must pay attention to this problem when using it. Of course, I also hope that friends can find appropriate solutions through Xiaobian's article.




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