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How does Panasonic battery avoid bulge?

  Panasonic batteries may be bulging due to incorrect use, so do you know what measures can be taken to avoid this phenomenon?

  First, if you really understand Panasonic battery, you will find that most of it is connected in series, and when used, it has been charged. If some very poor quality single batteries, generally speaking, there will be bad gas recombination in the interior, resulting in drum and distortion.

  Secondly, if the floating charge voltage of Panasonic battery is too high, the current during charging is too high, and the oxygen on the positive plate precipitates very quickly, it is too late to compound in the negative pole at all, and the temperature in the battery body will rise rapidly. When there is no time to exhaust, once the pressure reaches a certain value, the shape will definitely bulge up.

  Third, for excessive deep discharge, we need to pay attention not to too much, so as not to let the battery collapse, it will also become drum. When the safety valve comes to open the valve, because the pressure is too high or the safety valve is blocked, when the pressure in the body increases to a corresponding level, the safety valves do not open normally. This phenomenon will lead to battery bulging.




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