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What causes the early failure of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic batteries will fail in the use process, so do you know what causes the early failure of Panasonic batteries?
This is due to the battery near the end of life, the battery cathode will seriously soften (the main failure mode), the active material will fall off, the internal resistance will increase, and the impurity elements in the plate will continue to dissolve, so that the rate of gas evolution will increase, the efficiency will become worse, and the calorific value will increase. At this time, when the battery is actually loaded, it will be found that the voltage of the battery will drop quickly and the delay time will be shortened seriously. The typical fault is that the battery pack will be dead soon after charging.
Some customers of power plant or base station type will conduct planned battery checking discharge test (100% full capacity test or 50% capacity test) according to the installation time or operation status of battery pack.
According to the current industry standard YD/T799-2010 for lead-acid batteries for telecommunications, the actual charge capacity of batteries should not be less than 80% of the rated capacity. For some old batteries with long service time or batteries with three or more types of harsh electric field environment, the maintenance of batteries can not significantly increase. Battery failure could have been determined.
This is because as long as any brand of batteries are lead-acid batteries, their use process is the gradual reduction of active substances in the battery. When the capacity of backup batteries decreases to about 80%, the performance of batteries will be greatly reduced, which can not meet some industry standards. The internal components of batteries include positive and negative plates and separators. Both of them have basically reached a deteriorating state. This attenuation tends to accelerate gradually, and will soon completely lose the charging and discharging capacity.
Above is the reason why Panasonic batteries fail, so when you use batteries, we hope to help you.




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