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What are the symptoms of Panasonic battery failure?

Panasonic batteries play a very important role in our life, but the wrong way of operation or other reasons will lead to the failure of Panasonic batteries. Do you know the signs before the failure of Panasonic batteries?
Panasonic battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. When the engine starts, Panasonic batteries provide electricity to the engine, ignition system, electronic fuel injection and other electrical equipment; when the engine is stopped, at low speed or idle speed, it can also supply power to the vehicle electrical equipment. Generally, the life of Panasonic batteries is two to three years, which should be replaced when it expires. In the actual use of vehicles, the replacement cycle of Panasonic batteries should refer to the specific use. If you have the following conditions in your car, maybe Panasonic batteries should be replaced.
Vehicle Start Difficulty: If it is found that starting the car is very difficult, or can not start, it may be because Panasonic battery failure, can no longer provide the engine start current. Panasonic batteries need to be replaced at this time, otherwise the vehicle will not be able to drive.
When the vehicle starts, there will be abnormal noise: when the discharge capacity of Panasonic battery becomes weak, the starter will squeak, especially at low temperature. When the weather gets warmer, it will improve or disappear. At this time, we should pay more attention to the use of Panasonic battery.
Headlights dim before starting: Before going out in the morning, turn on the headlights to see the brightness. Before the engine is not started, the headlamp is powered by Panasonic batteries. If the headlamp is dimmed at this time, the power supply of Panasonic batteries to the headlamp decreases greatly. Usually this happens only when Panasonic batteries become weak or fail quickly.
Panasonic battery alarm lights on the dashboard: There are many alarm lights on the dashboard, which can be very intuitive warning of various vehicle failures. If the alarm lamp of Panasonic battery is on, it means that Panasonic battery is out of order and should be checked and repaired in time.
Panasonic batteries are bulging and leaking: Observe whether there is bulging or leaking in Panasonic batteries. Generally, Panasonic batteries are in such a situation, which means that Panasonic batteries are close to scrap and must be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards.
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