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What are the methods for testing the performance of Panasonic batteries?

We may need to test the performance of Panasonic batteries in the process of using them. Do you know the methods of testing Panasonic batteries?
1. Panasonic Battery Testing: Because of the randomness of the production conditions of the battery sheet, the performance of the battery produced is different, so in order to be effective.
Batteries with the same or similar performance should be grouped together, so they should be classified according to their performance parameters, 18650 batteries; battery testing means passing the test.
The output parameters (current and voltage) of batteries are classified to improve the utilization rate of batteries and to make qualified battery components.
2. Panasonic Battery Front Welding: It is to weld the confluence strip to the main grid line of the battery front (negative pole). The confluence strip is tin-plated copper strip, which we use.
The welding machine can spot-weld the strip on the main grid line in the form of multiple points. The heat source used for welding is an infrared lamp (using the thermal effect of infrared rays).
The length of the welding strip is about twice the length of the battery edge. The extra welding strip is connected to the back electrode of the back battery sheet when it is welded on the back side.
3. Panasonic Battery Back Series Connection: Back welding is to connect 36 batteries in series to form a series of components. Our current technology is manual. Battery positioning mainly depends on a diaphragm plate. There are 36 grooves on which the batteries are placed. The size of the grooves corresponds to the size of the batteries. The location of the grooves has been designed.




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