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Why do Panasonic batteries need to be charged and discharged regularly?

  Panasonic batteries need to be charged and discharged regularly in the use process. Do you know why to do this? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

  Panasonic batteries in the power supply are not used for a long time or keep the batteries in floating charge for a long time without discharging, which will lead to a large amount of lead sulfate adsorbed on the cathode surface of the batteries, forming the so-called "sulfation" of the cathode plate of the batteries because lead sulfate is an insulator.

  The formation of Panasonic batteries will inevitably have a very bad impact on battery charging and discharging, because the more sulfates formed on the cathode plate, the greater the internal resistance of the batteries, the worse the charging and discharging performance of the batteries, resulting in the "aging" and "activity" decline of the batteries, which greatly shortens the service life of the batteries.

  The use environment and reasonable and effective maintenance are the most effective guarantee to protect the life of Panasonic battery. Usually can reach about five years, Panasonic battery price, quality and other aspects are good, has attracted the attention of many users.




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