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What are the off-line discharge methods for Panasonic batteries?

1. After the off-line discharge of Panasonic batteries separates one group of Panasonic batteries from the system, once the power supply is interrupted, the power supply time of the standby Panasonic batteries in the system is obviously shortened. Moreover, it is not clear whether there is a quality problem in the other group of Panasonic batteries. This discharge mode has high accident risk. If discharging in this way, it is suggested to start the engine set ahead of time and ensure the normal operation of generator set, switching power supply and other equipment to ensure safety.

2. There is a large voltage difference between Panasonic battery group and online Panasonic battery group after off-line discharge. If improperly operated, it will cause switching power supply and online Panasonic battery group to charge Panasonic battery group after off-line discharge, which will generate huge sparks and easily cause safety accidents. In order to solve the sparking problem, a whole set of intelligent chargers should be equipped to recharge the off-line Panasonic battery pack and then connect it back to the system in parallel. This will make the system in a single power supply for a longer time, and the accident risk is high. In addition, by adjusting the output of the rectifier and the voltage of the discharged Panasonic batteries, the connection can be restored. The above manipulation must be carefully manipulated.

3. When this discharge mode is operated, both the positive and negative electrodes of Panasonic batteries should be separated. Especially when the negative electrodes of Panasonic batteries are separated, special care should be taken. The improper operation will cause the short circuit of the negative electrodes, which will lead to the interruption of power supply and the occurrence of communication accidents.

4. In this way, Panasonic batteries are consumed in the form of heat through false loads, which wastes electric energy and affects the operating environment of the equipment in the computer room. It is necessary to keep the staff under constant guard so as to avoid accidents caused by high temperature.

What are the off-line discharge methods for Panasonic batteries?




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