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Proper Use of Panasonic Battery in Low Temperature Environment

As for the use of Panasonic batteries, there is a lot of knowledge we need to know, so let Xiaobian introduce the correct use of Panasonic batteries in low temperature environment for you today!
At low temperature, the activity of each active substance of Panasonic battery decreases, and the dissolution of P on its electrode becomes difficult. When P is consumed during charging, it is difficult to be supplemented. The charging current of the positive plate decreases dramatically. The charging current of the positive plate at - 20 C is only 70% of the normal temperature, while the charging of the negative plate is affected by the expander. Panasonic battery is charged at low temperature. The electric acceptance ability is lower, and the charge acceptance current at - 20 C is only 40% at room temperature.
Therefore, Panasonic battery charging at low temperature mainly exists the problems of poor charging acceptance and inadequate charging. It is required to increase charging voltage and extend charging time. The improvement of cryogenic performance mainly depends on the negative electrode. Thermal insulation and freeze-proof measures should be taken when using at low temperature, especially when charging in a warm environment, which is conducive to ensuring adequate electricity, preventing the production of irreversible sulfuric acid and prolonging the service life of storage batteries.




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