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What causes the battery capacity of Panasonic to be insufficient?

Panasonic battery will have insufficient capacity when it is used. Do you know what causes this phenomenon? Here is a detailed introduction:
1. In order to install and use Panasonic battery in time after leaving factory, the temperature has a great influence on the self discharge of Panasonic battery, and the long-term storage will inevitably lead to the lack of capacity.
2. The positive plate of Panasonic battery is corroded and deformed, resulting in insufficient capacity. The positive plate of lead-acid battery is the main factor affecting the working life of the battery. The active material on the positive grid softens and falls off. In the micro active material, there are large pores and pores. The size of the large pores is more than 0.5cm. It is composed of many small pores. With the progress of the discharge cycle, the surface of the active material shrinks, forming the core and forming the coral like structure. The use of small pores in the multiple discharge cycle increases, making the large pores increase continuously, damaging the positive structure, leading to the active material Fall off. The main reason for these situations is the high current charge and discharge. Avoid the occurrence of the current that should be guaranteed to charge and discharge and avoid overcharge or overdischarge. The corrosion rate of positive grid depends on the composition of grid alloy, but the higher the storage temperature, the faster the corrosion rate, the deeper the discharge depth and the more serious the corrosion.
3. In the normal operation of sulfation of the negative plate of Panasonic battery, the particle of PbSO4 on the negative plate is small, and the discharge of UPS power supply is easy to recover to fluffy lead, but sometimes lead sulfate which is difficult to be reduced is generated inside the battery, which is called sulfation. There are many reasons that lead to the salting of the negative electrode, such as the inability to charge in time after discharge, the long-term use of the battery, the serious self discharge, the high electrolyte concentration, the long-term charge shortage, the long-term discharge at high temperature, this lead sulfate is difficult to reduce by conventional methods, so the reduction of active substances will inevitably affect the capacity of Panasonic battery.
This is why the capacity of Panasonic battery is insufficient. I hope it can help those who have doubts about the capacity.




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