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What should we pay attention to when using Panasonic battery for the first time?

Panasonic batteries have been used in many parts of our life, so do you know what matters need attention when Panasonic batteries are first used? Here is a detailed introduction for you.
The initial charging current of Panasonic battery is controlled below 0.25CA. Charging capacity is set to 100-120% of discharge capacity. But when the ambient temperature is below 5 C, it is set to 120-130%. [The lower the temperature (below 5 C), the longer the charging end time, the higher the temperature (above 35 C), the more likely overcharge will occur, so it is better to charge within 5 30 especially in cyclic use. ] In order to prevent overcharging, try to install charging timer, or automatically convert to trickle charging mode. When charging, the temperature of Panasonic battery should be controlled in the range of - 15 +50.
What should we pay attention to in daily use of Panasonic batteries for automobiles
Use Panasonic Battery 3 Do not
1. Do not plug non-maintenance battery vents. The ventilation holes of non-maintenance-free batteries are used to heat and release internal pressure. If the ventilation holes are blocked, the internal pressure will rise and the battery will explode in serious cases.
2. Do not use incorrect charging methods. Panasonic battery charging should adopt the method of long time and small current. If large current is used for long time charging, the electrolyte will be heated and boiling, and the internal moisture evaporates, which will change the density of the electrolyte.
3. Do not work under long-term power shortage. If the car owner causes excessive battery discharge due to negligence, after restarting the vehicle, the engine should be guaranteed to run for at least one hour to charge the battery. Conditional conditions should be driving, even in idle conditions can also be charged for batteries. If you want to improve the charging effect can improve the engine speed, generally in 1200 rpm can achieve good charging effect. Occasionally, the over-discharge of batteries has little effect on the life of batteries, as long as the owners can ensure that the batteries are fully charged after solving the problem. Long-term operation in the state of power shortage has the greatest damage to the life of Panasonic battery.




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