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What will affect the life of Panasonic batteries?

Panasonic batteries should not reduce their capacity so fast after 1 to 4 years of normal operation. The main reason for the excessive reduction of battery capacity and the shortening of service life of base stations lies in the characteristics of their own batteries and the operating environment of base stations. From the inquiry situation, in the case of no doubt about the battery quality, the main reasons for the rapid reduction of battery capacity and the shortening of service life of base station batteries are as follows. At the top of the list, frequent blackouts, long blackouts and irregular blackouts at base stations make the battery charged and discharged frequently, which is one of the main reasons for Panasonic's rapid capacity reduction and shortened service life.

The design life of Panasonic battery is about 8 years. If it is used normally, it is related to whether it has maintenance or not. Maintenance methods, working environment temperature and working environment temperature have great influence on Panasonic battery. Because too high ambient temperature will make the battery produce gas, and too low ambient temperature will make the battery undercharged. It will affect the life of the battery. Experts recommend that Panasonic batteries be used at ambient temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius. The use environment and reasonable and effective maintenance are the most effective guarantee to protect the battery life. Usually can reach about five years, Panasonic battery price, quality and other aspects are good, has attracted the attention of many users.

Specific daily maintenance of batteries are as follows:

1. Clean up the dust and keep the room clean.

2. Apply vaseline to the connecting terminals regularly.

3. Eliminate leakage of electrolyte.

4. Maintain unqualified aging batteries in time.

5. Regular charging and discharging of batteries.

6. Write down the operation status of the battery.

7. Fill the electrolyte, pay attention to the specific gravity, liquid level and liquid temperature.




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