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What factors affect the life of Panasonic battery?

  Panasonic batteries are not unfamiliar to everyone, so do you know what factors affect the life of Panasonic batteries? Not clear friends to listen to Xiaobian's introduction!

  Chemical Composition of Batteries

  The effectiveness of Panasonic battery capacity is determined by the state of the effective components in the battery. The capacity of Panasonic batteries is determined by their ability to convert chemical energy into electricity at a specific rate and within a specific time. Even unused batteries cannot always maintain their original capacity, because VRLA batteries are electrochemical devices that store and gradually release energy over time. So even if you keep the proper storage temperature and good maintenance conditions according to the manufacturer's instructions, you must replace them after a certain period of time. Panasonic battery 12V100AH (LC-P12100ST) expects a floating life of 10 years!

  ambient temperature

  The rated output capacity of Panasonic batteries is based on the nominal capacity at 25 degrees Celsius. The change of ambient temperature will change the current capacity of battery and shorten its service life. When judging the relationship between the life of Panasonic battery and temperature, a general experience is that the life of Panasonic battery can be reduced by 50% for every increase of 8.3 C (15F) when the average temperature exceeds 25 C.

  Service life of batteries

  When power fails in the public grid, Panasonic batteries supply power to the load. Once public utility power is restored, batteries will be charged for future use. This whole "one cycle" is considered as a discharge cycle. If the battery capacity is 100% when installed, the relative capacity of the battery is reduced by a small percentage for each discharge and charging cycle, and the length of the discharge cycle will determine the reduction of the battery capacity. If the relationship between battery cycle and life is often compared to a loaf of bread, a loaf of bread can be cut into many thin slices or into several thick slices. In the same way, a Panasonic battery can provide a large number of short-use cycles, or a small number of long-use cycles.

  Maintenance and service

  The last factor to consider is the maintenance and maintenance of Panasonic battery. Although the battery capacity decreases gradually with time until it fails, the effective maintenance of the battery can maximize the capacity of the battery and slow down the speed of capacity decay. Batteries need regular maintenance, and battery life can be effectively prolonged by voltage checking, load testing and reconnection. Without routine maintenance and maintenance, Panasonic batteries will suffer from the following problems: thermal resistance on the terminals, damage to the grids caused by overcharging, and irreversible damage caused by overdischarge.




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