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What are the causes of Panasonic battery failure?

Panasonic battery is widely used in our life. Do you know the causes of Panasonic battery failure? Here is a detailed introduction:
The charging and discharging process of Panasonic battery is an electrochemical reaction process. When discharging, lead sulfate will be generated and lead sulfate will be reduced to lead oxide during charging. Another reason for the charging heating of Panasonic battery is the occurrence of vulcanization. Vulcanization will directly increase the internal resistance of Panasonic battery, which will further cause the charging heating of Panasonic battery, and the heating will increase the oxygen circulating current. Therefore, the serious vulcanization of the battery has a great chance of thermal runaway.
In order to increase the capacity of the battery, at present, the number of plates of the battery adopts the method of increasing plates, which will cause the plate to be thinner than that of other power supplies. The lead sulfate crystal of the negative plate will grow up. After charging, a small amount of lead sulfate will be left in the plate and accumulate more, and the Panasonic battery will have a short circuit.
In the monomer test of Panasonic battery, good results can be obtained. However, for the serial Panasonic battery, the original matching errors such as capacity difference, open circuit voltage, etc. will increase the water loss of the battery with high voltage when charging, and the battery with low voltage will be under charged, and over discharged when discharging, thus forming the phenomenon of Panasonic battery vulcanization.
These are all the reasons for the failure of Panasonic battery. However, through the introduction of Xiaobian, my friends should be very clear that the most influential factor for the failure of Panasonic battery is the vulcanization of Panasonic battery. Therefore, when using, my friends must pay attention to this problem to avoid the vulcanization of Panasonic battery.
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