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Which methods can prevent the damage of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery will be damaged when it is used for a long time, so do you know what methods can prevent the damage of Panasonic battery? Let's listen to the introduction of Panasonic battery manufacturers for friends who want to know about it!
For the fully charged UPS battery of Panasonic battery, it must be recharged after about six months without connecting any load, so as to avoid battery damage. The battery discharged to low electric state with load must be recharged within 72 hours after discharge to avoid battery damage. When UPS is not in use, the connected battery shall be disconnected, otherwise the connected battery will be over discharged and damaged in a few days to a week. If the battery is not recharged for a long time after discharge, it will lead to the oxidation of the plate, that is to say, a large number of crystals or solidified lead sulfate will remain on the metal plate of the battery. The commonly used charging method of Panasonic battery will be difficult or unable to re decompose the lead sulfate, which will lead to premature damage of the battery. Recharging the ups battery within 72 hours after discharge will completely restore the capacity and life of the battery. The voltage of each unit after the ups battery is discharged is not allowed to be lower than 1V, which is 6V for 12V battery. If the customer's battery voltage is lower than this value, the battery can only be replaced. The general agent of Sante UPS in Henan reminds you that you should use correct methods when storing and transporting batteries, so as to avoid battery life shortening and damage caused by over discharge.




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