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Relationship between service life and temperature of Panasonic battery

Many people are not particularly clear about the relationship between the service life and temperature of Panasonic battery, so let's let Xiaobian introduce it to you in detail today!
Generally speaking, if 25 ℃ is taken as the benchmark, the service life of maintenance free lead-acid Panasonic battery will be halved for every 10 ℃ rise of working environment temperature. When the power supply is in the floating state, it needs to be compensated by reducing the floating charge voltage. The compensation coefficient is that the floating charge voltage of each cell (2V monomer) is reduced by 3 ~ 5mv for every 1 ℃ rise of the ambient temperature. The reason why regular discharge is very dangerous is that Panasonic battery will become virtual if there is power failure or AC power distribution failure just after the battery is discharged.
It is better to charge Panasonic battery through "constant voltage and current limiting" mode when Panasonic battery is deeply discharged and reconnected. The charging mode and parameters are mainly determined by the characteristics of the battery. After the mains power is cut off, the battery pack supplies power to the load and monitoring module. The monitoring module monitors the parameters of the battery pack and calculates them accordingly. After the power supply is restored, in the process of rectifier soft start, the monitoring module will transfer the calculated rectifier output voltage and current (current limiting point) parameters to the rectifier, and the rectifier will execute according to these parameters. At this time, the rectifier is required to have the function of stepless current limiting, so that the battery can get the best charging current. For the case of shallow discharge, it should be directly equalized or floating charge according to the actual situation. The above has talked about the daily management of Panasonic battery, and I would like to talk about a statement that in order to protect the battery, it must be discharged regularly. It is not only unnecessary but also dangerous to discharge the battery regularly.
It should be noted that the temperature compensation function of Panasonic battery can only work in a certain range, and the best working temperature of Panasonic battery is 20 ~ 25 ℃. Therefore, it is important to control the ambient temperature of the battery for its service life.




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