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How to keep and maintain the unused Panasonic battery?

When the Panasonic battery will not be used, do you know how to store and maintain the unused Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
About custody
1. Please pay attention not to exceed the temperature range of - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ during storage. 2. Keep the Panasonic battery in fully charged state. Since part of the capacity will be lost due to self discharge during the transportation or storage period, please make up the power when using. 3. In case of long-term storage, in order to make up for the self discharge during storage, please make up the electricity. When it is stored under the condition of more than 40C, it has a very bad impact on the battery life, please avoid! 4. Please keep it in a dry, low-temperature, well ventilated place. 5. If the battery packaging gets wet by water in the process of storage or transfer, the packaging carton shall be removed immediately to avoid the battery discharging or burning the positive terminal caused by the water wet carton becoming the conductor.
Routine maintenance
1. Check the Panasonic battery regularly. In case of dust and other appearance pollution, please clean the cloth soaked with water or warm water. Do not use gasoline, banana water and other organic solvents or oils for cleaning. In addition, please avoid using chemical fiber cloth. 2. During floating charging, when the total voltage or the indicator value of the voltmeter on the indicator panel deviates from the reference value shown in the table below (± 0.05v / cell), the cause shall be investigated and handled.




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