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Pre sales service and storage precautions of Panasonic battery

Panasonic battery is well known for its application in industry. How much do you know about the pre-sales service and storage precautions of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
Panasonic battery pre-sales service:
Actively promote the products and provide the best products with excellent performance and price mainly according to the purpose and demand of customers. According to the customer's needs, we provide various designs, including battery configuration problems and battery rack design according to the customer's site conditions. Our principle is that as long as you put forward the problems to be solved at hand, we will do the rest of the work.
Precautions for using Panasonic battery:
1. The battery shall be kept clean and dry to avoid the generation of creeping current.
2. If there is any liquid in the battery box, it must be sucked out immediately with a pipette.
3. If the internal and external paint of the battery is found to be damaged, it shall be repaired immediately to protect the insulation and corrosion of the external box.
4. If the battery unit needs to be replaced, it shall be carried out by professionals.
Precautions for storage of battery:
1. The battery shall be stored in a dry and frost free place.
2. If the battery can be put into use at any time, it should be treated as follows: conduct compensation charging once a month, and the charging voltage is 2.23v per battery unit on average; please note that too long storage time will affect the overall life of the battery




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