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How to store Panasonic battery in hot weather?

In winter and summer, there are very strict requirements for storage of Panasonic battery. Today, let's introduce how to store Panasonic battery in high temperature weather!
storage environment
The storage environment of Panasonic battery must be dry, clean and well ventilated, and rainproof and moisture-proof measures shall be taken. The storage area of storage battery shall be equipped with monitoring and alarm equipment, lighting equipment and fire-fighting equipment. The corresponding warehouse keeper shall inspect the fire safety of the line from time to time, and cut off the working equipment (such as detection instrument, charger, etc.) running with electricity at night.
Storage temperature
The suitable long-term storage temperature of Panasonic battery should be controlled at 5 ℃ - 35 ℃, and effective cooling measures such as fan cooling or air conditioning must be taken if the temperature exceeds 35 ℃ in summer
stowed position
Panasonic battery storage site is recommended to have a fixed door or warehouse (excluding the residence), the storage area is not less than 25 ㎡, not exposed to direct sunlight, and away from heat sources (heating equipment, etc.), inflammables and explosives, chemicals, etc. At least 2m away from the heat source
Storage Space
When Panasonic battery is stored in a centralized way, pallets shall be stacked separately. The limit of the number of columns in the horizontal and vertical stacking of each tray is 4. A gap of no less than 20cm shall be left between the piles to facilitate the heat dissipation of the storage battery. The height of the storage battery shall be controlled below 4 layers (about 1.2m).
Storage taboo
Panasonic battery should be stored with a tray to facilitate loading and unloading, so as to reduce battery damage during loading and unloading. It is necessary to regularly check the surface temperature and ambient temperature of the battery. And prevent the battery from damp or high temperature, pay attention to keep ventilation
Storage inspection
Panasonic battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. reminds Panasonic battery to check whether there is any damage trace on the appearance and check whether the battery is wet and rainy before receiving or warehousing. When the battery is placed, it is not allowed to be inverted or placed on the side, and it is not allowed to be impacted and pressed by any machine.




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