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Instructions for Panasonic battery

  The wrong use method will cause great harm to Panasonic battery. Therefore, before using Panasonic battery, we need to read the instructions for using Panasonic battery. Here is a detailed introduction:

  1. Do not short the battery

  When the positive and negative poles of the battery make electric contact through external materials, it will lead to short circuit of the battery. I hope that friends can pay attention to this, and we must avoid the short circuit of Panasonic battery.

  2. Install the battery correctly

  When installing the Panasonic battery, make sure that the polarity mark of the battery corresponds to the mark of the electric appliance correctly, because once the battery is improperly installed in the electric appliance, it may have a short circuit, and when charging, it will cause the temperature of the battery to rise rapidly.

  3. Do not discharge the Panasonic battery

  If the Panasonic battery is forced to discharge, its voltage will be lower than the design performance and gas will be generated inside the battery.

  4. Do not dismantle the battery easily

  If the Panasonic battery is disassembled at will, there may be contact between the battery packs, resulting in the short circuit of the Panasonic battery. So be careful.

  5. Do not mix Panasonic battery

  Never mix old and new batteries, or batteries of different models and brands. When Panasonic battery needs to be replaced, it should be replaced with a battery of the same brand, the same model, rather than different models, different brands or the same old and new batteries, because different batteries may cause over discharge and damage the battery.

  6. Do not make the Panasonic battery deform

  When using Panasonic battery, do not squeeze, puncture or damage the battery in other forms. Doing so will often lead to a short circuit of Panasonic battery, so be careful.

  Wait a moment, the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the use of Panasonic battery. I hope that friends can pay attention to it when using it.




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