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Panasonic batteries play a very important role in our life. Do you know that in fact, if the life of the batteries is prolonged for one year, the cost per kilowatt hour can be reduced by more than 0.13 yuan. To know that correct maintenance is of great help to the life of Panasonic batteries, then do you know Panasonic batteries? Is the correct maintenance method? The following is a detailed introduction for you:
In order to improve the efficiency and prolong the life of storage battery, the following points must be achieved in use:
1. To understand the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, use and maintain them in strict accordance with the product specifications.
2. The electrolyte must be prepared with chemical pure sulfuric acid and qualified distilled water. In cold places, the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be 1.285 at 15 C.
3. Battery level should be 10-15 mm higher than the plate. When it is used, distilled water should be added in time when it is found that the liquid level is too low.
4. Before wiring, check strictly whether the positive and negative signs of batteries are correct and whether there are negative phenomena in single cell batteries.
5. It is better to charge the battery for 3-4 hours before using it after the first injection, which will be more advantageous to its performance. Non-dry-charge batteries must be initially charged before they can be used.
6. The electro-hydraulic temperature should be maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius, even in the charging process, the electro-hydraulic temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. Especially in winter, we should pay attention to anti-freezing. According to the information, when the electro-hydraulic temperature changes in the range of 10135 (?) C, the capacity of the battery increases or decreases by 0.8% of the rated capacity for each increase or decrease of 1 (?) C.




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