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Precautions for purchasing Panasonic battery

There are many people who don't know about the purchase of Panasonic battery, so let's let Panasonic battery manufacturer introduce it in detail!
·Each Panasonic battery with medium capacity (12V series: 24Ah / 28ah, 38ah / 42ah, 65ah / 75ah, 100Ah / 120ah, 150Ah / 200ah; 6V series: 200ah) is labeled with anti-counterfeiting label when leaving the factory. Batteries without anti-counterfeiting label are fake products.
·At present, we have not opened 800 service. Other products with 800 inquiry telephone labels are fake products.
·At the first query, the system will automatically record the query time at that time, so it can only query once effectively, and our tags are classified into varieties. Please pay attention to the prompt voice.
·Please do not remove the label after inquiry. If there is any quality problem in the future, the label will be one of the reference basis for our company to provide quality assurance.
·We are the only lead-acid battery manufacturer of Panasonic group in China. There is no branch factory or collaborator. All batteries produced in the name of Panasonic battery branch factory and collaborator are fake products.




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