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What should be paid attention to when Panasonic battery is used in a narrow space?

  Panasonic battery can be used in various environments. Do you know what matters to be paid attention to when using Panasonic battery in narrow space? Here is a detailed introduction:

  Before loosening the battery and putting it on the rack, physical inspection shall be carried out and the open circuit voltage shall be measured to avoid rework; when one end of the connecting wire is connected with the battery, the other end shall be insulated or held in the palm of the hand to prevent the connection to the wrong place, which may cause ignition; one end of the connecting wire has been connected, and when the other end is connected again, the pole to be connected shall be lightly clicked, even if it is connected wrongly, it is only on the pole and If the connection is only ignited, it will not cause a disaster; or if the pressure difference between the two points to be connected is zero, it can be connected; when two people are connected at the same time, the corresponding Panasonic battery group shall have no connection or potential relationship. Because two people have the same potential (or change into the same potential at any time, and contact the battery rack at the same time), if there is potential difference between the battery and two people, the battery and two people form a circuit, which may cause electric shock accident; after the battery group is connected in series, the voltage between the total positive and total negative of Panasonic battery group is relatively high, when connecting to MCCB (battery switch), each line shall be connected to MCCB first, and then to the corresponding one The battery terminal of MCCB shall be disconnected after the connection between MCCB and Panasonic battery is completed, or a breakpoint shall be left in the battery terminal of MCCB; for multiple groups of parallel batteries, each group shall be disconnected, and after the connection of MCCB terminal, the polarity shall be detected with Multimeter respectively, and then the disconnection shall be connected.




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