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What are the conditions for Panasonic battery to establish maintenance system?

  In order to reduce the maintenance cost during the use of Panasonic battery, we need to propose a good maintenance system for it. Do you know what conditions are needed to establish a maintenance system for Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:

  1. Automatic floating charge conversion

  It means that when the power supply of Panasonic battery is normal, the battery will be uniformly charged. After the battery is discharged, the battery will automatically be uniformly charged, but when the battery is full, it will automatically change to floating charge.

  2. Charging current limit

  Adopt the charging mode of constant current first and then constant voltage. In the initial stage of charging, the charging current is relatively large. According to the capacity of the Panasonic battery, the charging current will be automatically limited to 0.1-0.2c, and the Panasonic battery will be charged with constant current to ensure the safety and speed of the Panasonic battery during charging. When the capacity of the Panasonic battery reaches 80%, it will be converted into floating charge voltage to charge the Panasonic battery with constant voltage. Electricity.

  3. Set low voltage alarm

  When UPS switches to Panasonic battery power supply for various reasons, users need to know the backup time of the system and take corresponding measures. If the voltage of the Panasonic battery drops to the low limit, an alarm will be given to inform the user, and then an automatic shutdown is required to prevent the deep discharge of the Panasonic battery.

  4. Pay attention to the change of temperature

  When the ambient temperature changes, it is necessary to correct the floating charge voltage, so it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature change around the Panasonic battery.

  The charging voltage of Panasonic battery is changed by the change of temperature, and the charging voltage is reduced to make the battery in the best floating state, so as to establish a good battery maintenance system.

  So for the maintenance system of Panasonic battery, the change of temperature is very important, so pay attention to the change of the surrounding environment of Panasonic battery, then its maintenance system can play a good role.




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