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What is the effect of Panasonic battery heating on voltage stability?

Panasonic battery has been used in many equipment. Do you know the influence of Panasonic battery heating on voltage stability? Here is a detailed introduction:
The relationship between the heat output of Panasonic battery and the amount of electrolyte is small. If the amount of electrolyte in sealed Panasonic battery is small, the internal resistance will increase, which will also cause the battery to heat up and the terminal voltage is very high when charging. As the battery gets older, the electrolyte dries up, and there is a short circuit inside, it will also generate heat. The charger can't keep constant voltage at the later stage of charging, so that the battery voltage will cross the allowable value, the temperature will rise, the severe will swell, and the life will end. During the charging process of Panasonic battery, part of electric energy is converted into chemical energy, and part of it is also converted into heat energy and other energy. The heating of the rechargeable battery is normal, but when the temperature is high, it is necessary to check whether the charging current is too high or the battery is short circuited. In use, try not to put it horizontally or upside down to prevent a large amount of gas produced in the Panasonic battery from being discharged from the vent valve, especially during charging, otherwise the shell may burst.
Panasonic battery is a single "original Panasonic battery". Each original Panasonic battery has a voltage of about 2V. The original Panasonic battery in series forms a Panasonic battery with a higher voltage. A 12V Panasonic battery consists of 6 original Panasonic batteries, a 24V Panasonic battery consists of 12 original Panasonic batteries and so on. When the Panasonic battery of UPS is charged, each original Panasonic battery connected in series is charged. If the original Panasonic battery has slightly different functions, the charging voltage of some of the original Panasonic batteries will be higher than that of other original Panasonic batteries, which will age earlier. If only one of the original Panasonic batteries connected in series is reduced, the functions of all the Panasonic batteries will be the same. Experiments show that the life of Panasonic battery is related to the number of original Panasonic batteries in series. The higher the voltage of Panasonic battery, the faster the aging.




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