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What are the advantages of Panasonic battery?

Everyone is familiar with Panasonic battery, so do you know the benefits of choosing Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
1. Good safety performance: no electrolyte leakage, no battery expansion and rupture under normal use.
2. Maintenance free: water electrolysis produces gas during overcharge. The gas is absorbed by the plate and reduced to electrolyte, so the battery is maintenance free.
3. Good vibration resistance: the battery in fully charged state is completely fixed, vibrated with 4mm amplitude and 16.7hz frequency for 1 hour, without leakage and expansion, and the open circuit voltage is normal.
4. Safety facilities: abnormal overcharge and wrong charging mode will produce a lot of gas. The battery is equipped with a safety plug device to prevent excessive internal pressure of the battery and discharge gas out of the battery.
5. Good over discharge resistance: the battery with 25 ℃ and fully charged state shall be discharged with constant resistance for 3 weeks (the resistance value is equivalent to the resistance required by 1ca discharge of the battery), and the recovery capacity shall be more than 75%.
6. High performance lead-acid battery: low internal impedance, good high rate discharge performance, can be used for various purposes. Basic applications include recycling (including repeated charging and discharging) and floating charging (usually in the state of full charge, and power can be provided if necessary).
7. Good resistance to high current: 2ca battery in fully charged state will discharge for 5 minutes or 10Ca for 5 seconds. There is no fusing of conductive part and no deformation of appearance.
The battery adopts unique multi-element alloy formula, high-performance equipment and strict temperature control. The grid of the battery not only has good thickness and weight uniformity, but also has strong corrosion resistance and long floating charge life. Design service life: expected life of floating charge: 6-10 years
Product warranty: replacement within 3 years
Wide operating temperature range: 25 ℃ - 20 ℃
Suitable for: large, medium and small ups, DC system, communication field, medical equipment, safety system, etc.




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