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Precautions after discharge of Panasonic battery

Precautions after discharge of Panasonic battery:
When using Panasonic battery, we sometimes fail to charge the battery in time after the battery is discharged, resulting in the phenomenon of power loss of Panasonic battery, and the battery cannot be charged normally when it is used again next time, so our engineer's suggestion is that the battery should be charged immediately after discharging.
When UPS is not in use, the connected Panasonic battery should be disconnected. Otherwise, the connected battery will be damaged due to over discharge within a few days to a week. If the battery is not recharged for a long time after discharge, it will cause the oxidation of the plate, that is, a large number of crystals or solidified lead sulfate will remain on the metal plate of the battery. The common charging method will be difficult or impossible Re decomposition of lead sulfate will lead to premature battery damage. A battery discharged to a low state with load must be recharged within 72 hours after discharge to avoid battery damage. So after using the battery, try to charge it as soon as possible, which can also extend the service life of the battery.




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