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What are the precautions for self discharge of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery self discharge will occur in the use process. Do you know what precautions are taken for Panasonic battery self discharge? Here is a detailed introduction:
1. Strengthen maintenance and keep battery upper cover clean.
2. Ensure the high purity of electrolyte. When preparing electrolyte and adding distilled water, strictly prevent impurities from entering.
3. The battery shall be charged frequently during storage to keep the electrolyte density uniform and keep the liquid level from falling.
4. When washing the battery surface, it is necessary to prevent sewage from entering the battery from the filler cap or vent hole.
5. Repair or replace the diaphragm and plate in time when they are damaged.
6. When replacing the electrolyte, be sure to clean the residual liquid in the battery.




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