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What are the hidden dangers of Panasonic battery?

Panasonic battery in fact, there are many hidden dangers in the use process, so today let Panasonic battery manufacturers introduce it in detail for you!
(1) Cause network interruption
The power supply guarantee system of data center is the core system to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of network equipment, and the backup battery group is the emergency power supply energy of the network. Panasonic battery manufacturers can provide enough backup power to the back-end equipment through inverter in case of power failure or electrical short circuit interruption at the AC side, so as to save data and extend communication, without directly causing power interruption of communication network. In the UPS system, as long as the inverter and subsequent circuits work normally, they can supply power to the back-end load. At the beginning of design, the backup time of UPS is considered in the construction of computer room. However, if the battery is not good, it is likely that the machine will shut down in the process of backup power supply, resulting in power failure of load equipment, network interruption, communication failure and direct huge economic loss. According to incomplete statistics, every 1min of data center downtime in the financial industry may cause a loss of about 1.5 million US dollars.
(2) Short circuit is harmful
In general, when finding electrical short circuit and fire, first cut off the power supply. For AC power supply, since the power comes from the municipal power grid or diesel generator set from the top to the bottom, when there is an electrical short-circuit fault, there will always be a level-1 protection device that acts to cut off the short-circuit electrical circuit in time. When the battery is located at the end of the power supply system, the power is provided from the bottom up. As long as the protection circuit breaker of Panasonic battery official network is crossed, there will be no other protection. In case of short circuit fault, it is often unable to cut off the short circuit electrical circuit effectively. In addition, unlike the AC sine wave, the DC current does not have the process of zero instantaneous electromotive force when passing the zero point. Once there is an electrical short circuit, the arc can not be cut off quickly, which is very easy to cause the spread of fault, and it will bring harm to the load and other equipment in the machine room, even to the personnel on duty.
(3) Cause fire in machine room
During the charging process of Panasonic battery, hydrogen will be produced. Hydrogen is a kind of inflammable and explosive class a material. When the indoor hydrogen concentration reaches the explosion limit (4% - 75%), gas explosion will occur in case of a fire source. In addition, due to many reasons such as material, installation process, thermal runaway and so on, the battery will inevitably cause fire if the circuit cannot be found and cut off in time after the electrical short circuit of the battery. The more electricity the battery pack has, the more dangerous it will be. In addition, a large amount of smoke will be generated in the fire, which will spread rapidly throughout the machine room. Even if the machine room is equipped with a separate battery room, the machine room may also be covered by smoke rapidly due to the connection of channels. Causing greater loss of personnel and property.
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