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What are the operation and prevention methods of ?

Panasonic battery is believed to have been seen by many people. Do you know the operation and prevention methods of Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
Operation and prevention of Panasonic battery
Panasonic battery is widely used by people, which is convenient for people to improve work efficiency. However, we ignore an important link, that is, the training of staff, improper operation will bring unnecessary harm to everyone.
Use and protection of Panasonic battery:
Use gel batteries with caution. If mechanical ventilation is used, pay special attention to that the surrounding components of the battery must be acid resistant. Please read this article carefully, in case of bad harm, and can deal with it in time.
Practice has proved that Panasonic battery should be stored and installed in a well ventilated place. If the battery shell is damaged, avoid any part of the body contacting the internal components of the battery. Protective clothing must be worn to protect eyes and face.
Respiratory protection:
Normally, there is no requirement. When the concentration of sulfuric acid mist exceeds pel, NIOSH or MSHA approved respiratory protection must be used safely. So as not to cause harm to the body
Protective gloves:
Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to wear protective gloves. If the battery shell is damaged, rubber or plastic acid resistant gloves should be used.
Eye protection:
Under normal circumstances, the eye does not need to be protected and wear an eye mask. If the battery caes is damaged, the chemical goggles or face mask should be prepared for use.
Emergency flushing:
When the concentration of treated water and sulfuric acid solution is more than 1%, prepare the emergency eyewash and the place where you can shower, and provide sufficient and unlimited water. Wash the eyes carefully in time




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