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Is the service life of Panasonic battery related to temperature?

In the use of Panasonic battery, many people are concerned about such a problem, that is, whether the service life of Panasonic battery is related to the temperature. Here is a detailed introduction:
Generally speaking, if 25 ℃ is taken as the standard, the application life of maintenance free lead-acid Panasonic battery will decrease with every 10 ℃ rise of working temperature. When the switching power supply is in the floating charge working attitude, compensation must be carried out according to reducing the floating charge working voltage. The compensation index is that the floating charge working voltage of each battery (2V single) will be reduced by 3-5mv for every 1 ℃ rise of working temperature. It is often said that charging and discharging on time is very risky. Panasonic battery is due to the common failure of voltage off power supply or AC power distribution equipment when the charging battery is almost discharged, so the charging battery will become more and more famous.
According to the method of "constant current source system", it is good to charge the battery of Panasonic battery. The charging method and main parameters of this kind of battery are decided by the characteristics of the battery. After the voltage is turned off, the lithium battery pack will supply power to the load and the monitor control module. The monitor control module will monitor the main parameters of the lithium battery pack and carry out relative calculation. After voltage repair, in the whole process of ballast soft start, the monitor control module will transfer the measured ballast output current and voltage (number control point) parameters to the ballast, and the ballast will be implemented according to this group of main parameters. The bilge must have the function of non polarized total, so that the best current can be obtained by charging the battery. According to the condition of shallow charge and discharge, we should immediately equalize or float charge according to the specific situation. On the top of the Panasonic battery management methods at ordinary times, the next would like to talk about a call, that is, in order to maintain the battery, it is necessary to charge and discharge it on time. It is not only unnecessary but also risky to charge and discharge the rechargeable battery on time.
It should be noted that Panasonic battery temperature compensation only works within a certain range, and the best operating temperature of Panasonic battery is in the natural environment of 20 ~ 25 ℃. Therefore, the operation temperature of the battery is very important for the life of the rechargeable battery.




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