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Storage conditions of Panasonic battery

Panasonic battery has a very important application in our life, but few people know the storage conditions of Panasonic battery, so let's let Xiaobian introduce it in detail today!
The storage environment of Panasonic battery must be dry, clean, well ventilated, and protected from rain and moisture. In the storage area of Panasonic battery, there should be monitoring and alarm equipment, lighting equipment, fire-fighting equipment, as well as regular patrol and inspection of the line by the warehouse keeper, so as to make good preparations.
The suitable long-term storage temperature of Panasonic battery should be controlled between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃, and effective cooling measures such as fan cooling or air conditioning should be taken when the temperature exceeds 35 ℃ in summer. When storing Panasonic battery, be sure to avoid direct sunlight, heat source, inflammable and explosive materials and chemicals.
When Panasonic battery is stored in a centralized way, pallets shall be stacked in different piles. The gap between piles shall be kept to facilitate the heat dissipation of the battery, and the height of the storage battery shall be well controlled. When the Panasonic battery is stored, it is better to have a tray for convenient loading and unloading, so as to reduce the damage of the battery during loading and unloading. In addition, the surface temperature and the ambient temperature of the Panasonic battery need to be checked regularly, and the moisture or high temperature of the Panasonic battery should be prevented, and ventilation should be maintained.
The last point is that when Panasonic battery is put into storage, it must pay attention to check whether there is any damage on the appearance, check whether the battery is wet and rainy. When it is placed, it is not allowed to put it upside down or on the side, and it is not allowed to suffer any mechanical impact and heavy pressure.
The above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the storage method of Panasonic battery in high temperature weather. I hope that friends should pay attention to it when storing Panasonic battery.




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