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What are the use matters of Panasonic battery in wind power generation?

Many people don't know that Panasonic battery is also used in wind power generation. Do you know what Panasonic battery is used in wind power generation? Here is a detailed introduction:
The application of Panasonic battery in wind power generation in small wind power generation equipment, battery is one of the important auxiliary equipment. Battery plays an important role in the storage of electric energy and stable voltage in the DC power supply system.
1、 Determination of the capacity of Panasonic battery
Whether the capacity allocation of Panasonic battery is fair or not directly affects the technical and economic indicators of wind power generation. The capacity is small, and the surplus power generated when there is a lot of wind cannot be fully stored. If the capacity is too large, the investment will be increased; if the battery is not fully charged for a long time, the efficiency and service life of the battery will be affected. Table 1 shows the investment of Saite battery in wind power generation equipment.
General conventional charging is "two-stage constant current charging". This method does not waste electric power and has a short charging time. It is beneficial to extend the service life of the battery, and it is also much easier to calculate the capacity of the battery. Wind power is different from conventional charging.
Due to the frequent change of wind speed, the output current of the motor is sometimes large or small, sometimes no, so it is difficult to determine the charging current and the required charging time of the battery. In view of this actual situation, we use the following two calculation methods to determine the capacity of the configured set battery.
1. Electricity balance calculation method.
The calculation steps are as follows:
a. According to the wind speed data provided by the local meteorological department, take ten days as a temporary degree, and count the hours of different wind speed from the starting working wind speed to the shutdown wind speed of the fan.
b. According to the P = f (V) characteristic curve and wind speed data of the selected wind turbine, the electric quantity that a turbine can send out every ten days is calculated, and the annual power generation process curve is drawn. Figure - is the annual power generation process line of ed1.5-100 fans of Shangdu animal husbandry machinery plant calculated and drawn according to the wind speed data of Chayouhouqi, Inner Mongolia. It is calculated that the annual generating capacity of the unit is 276 degrees under the local wind condition. From the process line, it can be seen that the power generation capacity of each ten day period varies greatly, with the maximum of 19 degrees in late April and the minimum of 0.95 degrees in late spring, with a difference of nearly 20 times, which indicates that it is necessary to configure storage battery for energy storage adjustment.
C. according to the situation of electricity consumption, calculate the electricity consumption ten days by ten, and give the annual electricity consumption process line. Dotted line in the attached figure.
d. Compare the power generation and consumption hydrograph to determine the required battery capacity in the period when the power generation is less than the maximum power consumption difference (oblique part in the figure). The maximum difference in the figure is 2. 3 degrees. It needs to be equipped with 2300 V / a battery, and 4 12 V 48 A batteries are actually selected. Total capacity 2304 VA.
2. Empirical calculation method
According to our pilot experience, under the wind conditions of youhouqi and Shangdu, the following formula can also be used to simply estimate the required battery capacity. Please log in: transmission and distribution equipment network for more information
Where: Q -- required battery capacity (ampere hour);
P -- load power (W);
T -- daily power hours;
U -- standard battery voltage (generally 12 V);
N -- coefficient of battery storage cycle (determined according to wind conditions, generally 3-8 days)
K -- discharge control coefficient, (0.75-0.8)
The above formula considers: ① rated power of electrical equipment; ② local meteorological conditions, i.e. uniform time in windless period; ⑧ in order to prevent over discharge of battery, discharge shall be controlled to a certain extent.
Taking Chayou rear banner as an example, a 100W machine is installed for three households to use electricity. Each household is equipped with two 12V 15W bulbs to illuminate for five hours every day, and the required battery capacity is calculated. (the reserve coefficient is taken as 6, and the discharge control coefficient is taken as 0.8) by substituting the formula:
Six 12 V 48 A batteries with a total capacity of 288 a h are selected.
When determining the standard battery, it must be noted that the capacity of the storage oil group shall be able to safely accept the maximum current intensity IMAX output by the wind turbine.




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