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What are the disposal methods of used Panasonic batteries?

Before we talked about a lot about Panasonic battery knowledge, do you know what are the treatment methods of used Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
In fact, the waste battery is not "waste", which contains a large number of non-ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals are the precious resources that can not be regenerated on the earth. The best way to deal with the waste battery is to recycle, extract the useful components and turn the waste into resources. However, the environmental problems caused by waste batteries have not been paid much attention in our country. Therefore, the research and development of recycling, treatment and disposal technologies of waste batteries are almost zero. Only a few units have just started in this respect. At present, there is a lack of advanced and mature waste battery treatment technologies in China. In addition to the automotive lead-acid batteries are recycled, other types of waste batteries are "thrown away.".
There are generally three kinds of treatment methods for waste batteries in the world: solidification and deep burial, storage in waste mines and recycling.




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