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What should be paid attention to when installing Panasonic battery?

  The installation of Panasonic battery directly affects the later use, so do you know what problems should be paid attention to when installing Panasonic battery? Let's listen to the introduction of Xiaobian!

  1. As Panasonic battery is delivered in wet charged state, it must be handled carefully during transportation and installation to prevent short circuit.

  2. Due to the high voltage of the battery components, there is a risk of electric shock. Therefore, when loading and unloading the conductive wires, tools with insulation binding shall be used; when installing or carrying the battery, insulating gloves, apron and protective glasses shall be worn; during the handling of the battery, collision and impact shall be prevented, and the end post and safety exhaust valve shall not be twisted. Do not put tools, sundries or other conductive articles on the battery.

  3. Dirty terminals or loose connections may cause battery ignition, so keep the connection of terminals clean and tighten the special connecting cable (or copper bar) to make the torque reach the specified value of different connecting terminals. During operation, it is not allowed to produce other stress necessary for terminal fastening.

  4. The connection between batteries, between batteries and between batteries and power supply equipment shall be reasonable and convenient, and the voltage drop shall be as small as possible. Batteries of different specifications, batches and manufacturers shall not be mixed. Before installing the terminal connector and connecting the battery system, carefully check whether the total voltage, positive and negative connections of the battery system are correct, and whether the connections between the batteries are firm.

  5. Avoid battery short circuit or grounding during battery installation. When the battery is connected to the charger or load, one of the terminals in the battery shall be disconnected from the conductive wire. The charger or load circuit switch shall be in the "off" position to prevent short circuit and ensure correct connection. The positive pole of the battery is connected to the positive pole of the charger and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole.

  6. The battery shell shall not be cleaned with organic solvent, and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher shall not be used to put out the battery fire. Special dry powder fire extinguisher shall be equipped.

  7. Panasonic battery is delivered in wet charged state. Please check the open circuit voltage of single battery one by one before installation and use. Under normal conditions, it should not be less than 2.08v/single battery. If it is lower than this value, it shall be used after power supply.

  8. Before the installation and use of the battery, please check whether each battery safety valve is firm one by one. If it is loose, it should be tightened immediately.

  9. The system connected with single battery may have high voltage, so attention shall be paid to avoid the risk of electric shock during installation.

  10. If the operation conditions permit, the battery rack can be welded with the embedded iron on the ground.

  11. It is forbidden to damage the surface coating of battery rack parts during the installation of battery rack




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