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What are the secrets of Panasonic battery longevity?

If Panasonic batteries want a longer life, first of all, we must pay attention to the maintenance of Panasonic batteries. Do you know the secrets of Panasonic batteries for a longer life?
Charge in time
When the battery is discharged, the charging time should not be less than 10H. In particular, the user should be reminded that the optimum ambient temperature for charging Panasonic batteries is 25 degrees Celsius. Without precise air conditioning and other temperature regulators in winter, the charging voltage and charging time must be increased appropriately, and insulation and cooling protection measures should be taken to ensure charging. Full power, prolong the life of Panasonic battery.
On-duty maintenance
Every month, a fixed time is needed to check the status of the battery pack for dust removal and dust removal. Attention should be paid to check whether the battery shells are in good condition, to confirm whether there are drums on the spot, and to exclude abnormal batteries with shell heating. Attention should be paid to whether the battery voltage is uniform, whether the terminal of the battery is loose, and if abnormal single electricity is found. Batteries must be replaced in time with aging batteries or consulted Panasonic battery manufacturers to provide necessary technical support and assistance, so as to prolong the actual life and maximum effective capacity of the mainframe and battery.
For Panasonic batteries which have been in operation for three years or more, it is particularly important to pay attention to the regular maintenance. The total battery voltage, charging current, open circuit voltage of single batteries, internal resistance of batteries, terminal screw of batteries and detection line of batteries should be counted comprehensively. If necessary, the check discharge test of batteries should be done. It is convenient for on-site personnel to know more accurately the actual effective capacity of battery packs and provide data support for battery replacement.
Preventing overcharging and undercharging
Overcharging and undercharging are the core factors affecting the actual life of Panasonic batteries. The charging current of Panasonic batteries is larger than the acceptable current of the batteries (the maximum charging current recommended by Panasonic batteries should not be greater than 0.25C [C stands for the rated capacity of batteries]. For example, the maximum charging current of Panasonic batteries LC-P12100ST 12V100AH batteries should be controlled at 25A. Within this range, overcharge mainly produces side effects of electrolytic water. Oxygen transfer from the positive electrode to the negative electrode produces oxygen recombination reaction, which produces heat. Therefore, the actual conversion of overcharge into heat increases the temperature of the battery, without control, which will cause a lot of water loss. In serious cases, bulging, deformation and other faults occur.
Uncharged is commonly said to be undercharged and often under charged. The positive and negative plates of Panasonic batteries will gradually form a kind of thick and hard lead sulfate, which is almost insoluble, that is, "irreversible sulfation", which can not be charged by ordinary methods, so the capacity will rapidly decay once and for all. The pool will soon have the phenomenon of early capacity decay, and its service life is much shorter than the estimated time of the manufacturer.
The daily maintenance of Panasonic batteries is very important. As long as the users pay more attention to the above charging and maintenance techniques, the long life of batteries is appropriate!




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