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How should Panasonic battery prevent battery capacity decay?

Many people have seen Panasonic battery, so do you know how Panasonic battery should prevent battery capacity degradation? Here is a detailed introduction:
For the Panasonic battery in use, PB02 and pbs04 coexist on the positive plate and Pb and pbs04 coexist on the negative plate. In Figure 1-2 and the charge discharge reaction equation, after charging, the positive electrode is PbO2 and the negative electrode is Pb. It is impossible to completely convert PbSO4 on the plate of Panasonic battery into PbO2 or Pb when it is charged in reverse. If every charge and discharge cycle is 100% converted, the charge and discharge time will be greatly extended.
Due to the low charging efficiency in the later stage of charging, most of the current is consumed in the decomposition of water. When water is decomposed on the positive electrode, new ecological oxygen atoms are generated. Before two oxygen atoms are combined into one polar molecule, the oxidation and corrosion ability of the two oxygen atoms is very strong, which aggravates the corrosion of the positive electrode grid. Moreover, the binding force of pure lead oxide is very poor, which is easy to cause a large number of de dusting.
In order to prolong the service life of lead-acid battery, it is not necessary to pay the heavy price of grid corrosion to restore a small amount of capacity. At the same time, in many cases, the working conditions do not allow the charger to be used by a few batteries for a long time. Because of the above reasons, after each charge discharge cycle, some active substances will be converted into PbSO4 and lose their activity. It is this slow nibbling that gradually makes the battery lose its original capacity.
The above is how to prevent the attenuation of Panasonic battery capacity. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can browse our official website!




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