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How does overcharge affect Panasonic battery?

We believe that everyone is familiar with Panasonic battery, so do you understand the impact of overcharge on Panasonic battery? Here is a detailed introduction:
The over discharge of Panasonic battery mainly occurs after the power failure of AC power supply, and the battery supplies power to the load for a long time. When the battery is over discharged to its low or even zero voltage, a large amount of lead sulfate will be adsorbed on the cathode surface of the battery, causing "sulfation" at the cathode of the battery.
Lead sulfate is an insulator, its formation will have a great negative impact on the charge and discharge performance of the battery. Therefore, the more sulfates are formed on the cathode, the greater the internal resistance of the Ricci battery, the worse the charge and discharge performance of the battery, and the shorter the service life of the battery. In the long-term overcharge state, due to the oxygen evolution reaction of the positive pole, water is consumed and H + is increased, which results in the increase of acidity near the positive pole, the acceleration of grid corrosion, the thinning of grid, the acceleration of battery corrosion and the reduction of battery capacity; at the same time, due to the increase of water loss, the battery will be in danger of drying up, thus affecting the service life of Panasonic battery.




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