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Treatment method of waste Panasonic battery

There are many people who are not clear about the disposal methods of waste Panasonic batteries, so let's let Xiaobian introduce them in detail today!
1、 The waste Panasonic battery is transported to the warehouse of smelting plant by special environmental protection vehicles;
2、 The electrolyte of the spent Panasonic battery is poured into the sedimentation tank for drug treatment;
3、 Dismantle the waste Panasonic battery and send the shell to the plastic recycling plant for professional treatment;
4、 Sort the separator of waste Panasonic battery and send it to the professional factory for recycling;
5、 The sorted waste electrode plate is sent to a large reverberatory furnace for smelting, which is made into lead ingot and recycled;
6、 The waste water produced in the smelting process flows into the sedimentation tank for drug treatment together with the electrolyte;
7、 The waste slag produced in the smelting process shall be sent to a professional ironmaking plant for treatment;
8、 The waste smoke produced in the smelting process is discharged safely after being treated by the bag type dedusting device, so far, the environmental protection recycling process of the waste Panasonic battery is over.
Panasonic battery contains a large number of renewable heavy metals, acid and other substances. For example, the recycling of Panasonic battery is mainly the recycling of waste lead, including the recycling of waste acid and plastic shell. At present, the metal recovery and utilization rate of Panasonic battery for waste automobile in China is about 80-85%.
According to the estimation of the insiders, if we deal with 100000 waste batteries every day, we can make a profit of about 20000 yuan after all kinds of expenses are removed; if we calculate 7 billion batteries and 50% utilization rate, the annual profit can reach 600 million yuan. It can be seen that the implementation of scale management in this field can completely create benefits.




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