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Method of using Panasonic battery in low temperature environment

Panasonic battery will encounter high temperature and low temperature environment when it is used, so let's let Xiaobian take you to know how to use Panasonic battery in low temperature environment!
Why do we say that the temperature has an impact on the use of Panasonic battery? Because in the low temperature environment, the activity of various active substances of Panasonic battery is reduced, and the P on the electrode of Panasonic battery will be difficult to dissolve. When charging, the P consumed is very difficult to be supplemented, and the charging current will be greatly reduced. The positive plate is at minus 20 ℃ When the charging current received is only 70% of the normal temperature, and the negative charge is affected by the expansion agent, the introduction ability of Panasonic battery low-temperature charging will be lower, and the charging current received at - 2 ℃ is only 40% of the normal temperature.
Therefore, the charging of Panasonic battery at low temperature is mainly due to poor charging acceptance and insufficient charging. It is required to increase the charging voltage and extend the charging time. To improve the low temperature performance, we should start with the negative electrode. In the low temperature environment, we should take measures of heat preservation and antifreeze, especially when charging, we should put it in a warm environment, so as to ensure sufficient electricity and prevent Stop the irreversible sulfuric acid product and extend the service life of Panasonic battery
Therefore, when you use it in a low temperature environment, you must pay attention to the temperature of the charging environment, so as to ensure the service life of Panasonic battery. In fact, it's still temperature.




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